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A Smart Ghana Repatriation Guide

Of Repatriation, Rivers and Rivulets

Book Chapter
Kambon, Ọ.
A Smart Ghana Repatriation Guide. Washington, DC: Adinkra Group.
Publication year: 2021

Capoeira, Its Value as ICH and the Open School Project: Experiences and Reflections

Book Chapter
Ọbádélé Bakari Kambon
Traditional Martial Arts As Intangible Cultural Heritage (pp. 17-28). Chungju-si: UNESCO-ICM.
Publication year: 2020

The Pro-Indo-Aryan Anti-Black M.K. Gandhi and Ghana’s #GandhiMustFall Movement

Book Chapter
Kambon, Ọ., & Appiagyei-Atua, K.
(2018). The Pro-Indo-Aryan Anti-Black M.K. Gandhi and Ghana’s #GandhiMustFall Movement. In Oxford Rhodes Must Fall Movement (Ed.), Rhodes Must Fall: The Struggle to Decolonise the Racist Heart of Empire. London: Zed Books.
Publication year: 2018
Theory and description in African Linguistics

Serial Verb Nominalization in Akan: The Question of Intervening Elements

Book ChapterConference Proceedings
Kambon, Ọ., Duah, R., & Appah, C.
(2018). Serial verb nominalization in Akan: The question of intervening elements. In E. Clem, P. Jenks & H. Sande (eds.), Theory and description in African Linguistics: Selected papers from ACAL 47 (361–386). Berlin: Language Science Press.
Publication year: 2018
political communication in africa

Singing Truth to Power and the Disempowered: The Case of Lucky Mensah and his Song, “Nkratoɔ”

Book Chapter
Kambon, Ọ., & Adjei, G. K.
Political Communication in Africa (pp. 133-158). Berlin: Springer
Publication year: 2017

Recalling a Common Struggle for Pan-Africanism: Nkrumah’s and Nasser’s Policies on the Congo Crisis (1960-1966)

Book ChapterConference Proceedings
Abdellatif, M., & Kambon, Ọ.
Revisiting African Studies in a Globalized World (pp. 63-76). Tema, Ghana: Smartline.
Publication year: 2017
Call for Support!

Earlier this year, the Kambon family had a major family emergency. Okunini Ọbádélé Kambon’s wife Kala and children were involved in a serious car accident and admitted to the hospital. All are doing well and recovering.

The family’s only mode of transportation was totaled in the accident.

We are asking for the support of Abibitumi family to assist the Kambon family during this trying time.