Ọbádélé Bakari Kambon
Aspects of Akan Verbal Semantics
Publication year: 2023

Kambon, Ọ. (2023). Semantic Integration as Emergence in Akan Serial Verb Constructions (SVCs) and Serial Verb Construction Nominalisation (SVCN). In E. K. Osam & Ọ. B. Kambon (Eds.), Aspects of Akan Verbal Semantics (pp. 152-202). Linguistics Association of Ghana. https://laghana.org/gjl/index.php/gjl/issue/view/24


This chapter aims to draw a conceptual and theoretical link between semantic integration in Akan Serial Verb Construction Nominalization and the concept of emergence as articulated in chemistry, physics, biology, neuroscience, philosophy, art and systems theory among others. I argue that the degree to which semantic integration/emergence pertains at the (serial) verb construction level may correlate to nominalisation for that class of serial verb construction or lack thereof.  Therefore, in the case of Akan SVCNs, three categories of SVCs are analysed on the basis of how they are nominalised, the degree to which nominalisation occurs and whether nominalisation can occur at all. Various sources were consulted in three major literary dialects of Akan: Asante Twi, Fante and Akuapem Twi. Further, native speakers of each of these dialects were consulted to ascertain the veracity of various attested serial verb construction nominals (SVCNs) in Akan.

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