UNESCO Testimonial

Aghan Odero Agan
Aghan Odero of Nairobi Kenya here!
This is to thank you big time for identifying and urging on my behalf Dr. Obadele Kambon to come over to Nairobi to attend and present at last week’s 1st African Congress in Martial Arts!
That was the right person with both quality experience and deep knowledge on Indigenous African heritage of martial arts. His presentation was up to the point and contributed much in the fundamental discourse process about the need for Africans to revive and promote its own indigenous heritage of physical combat &  wellness forms.
Asante sana (Thanks a lot) for going out of your way to help me out with the identification!
Aghan Odero

On Dr. Kambon’s PhD Thesis

Prof. Samuel Gyasi Obeng

“A major contribution of the dissertation is the detailed discussion and exemplification of issues relating to nominalization of SVCs. This is the first attempt at such a detailed discussion and exemplification and the candidate deserves commendation. His categorizations are original as is his attention to scholarly detail and to showing the relationship between and among the three major Akan dialects. One could conveniently argue that this is one of the strongest points of the dissertation.
Very little has been done on Akan nominalization in general and little to nothing on SVC nominalization in particular, so this study is a trailblazer or a path-finder! Syntacticians and semanticists will cite this work and continue with the discussion and issues it raises for the next couple of decades. I am impressed with the details and both the candidate and his advisors must be commended for the high degree of systematicity employed in the synthesis and analyses done in the study.”

Prof. Samuel Gyasi Obeng

Asante Twi Course Testimonial

Kwame Quainoo


Kwame Quainoo

On Dr. Kambon’s Award-Winning Ph.D. Thesis

Professor E. Kweku Osam

Throughout his doctoral research, Dr. Kambon displayed an amazing grasp of functional theoretical constructs and manifested very impressive analytical skills. In the last two years, three of my doctoral students have completed their studies and, among them, Dr. Kambon towers above all in terms of his dedication, enthusiasm, intellectual capabilities, and his rate of work. Indeed, this is affirmed by his being awarded the University-wide Vice-Chancellor’s award for best PhD thesis in the Humanities for 2012-2013. I have known Dr. Kambon long enough to appreciate his personal discipline and dedication to work.

Prof. E. Kweku Osam

Foundations of Afrikan=Black Thought

Nana Akosua Hanson

Nana Akosua Hanson

Professor Augustine H. Asaah

Your critique is very insightful. Sincerely thought-provoking. I do not have the full critique,though. But the synopsis makes me very envious of your linguistic and Khemetic talents. Plus your other numerous Afrocentric/Khemetic works. Believe me, I wish I were young to learn the ancient language of KMT and other African languages. You make us so proud of your numerous gifts, application, and commitment to the African cause.
You have come from the diaspora to fully appropriate Africa, project it in all aspects of your life, and confront material/intellectual challenges on a daily basis. Despite the occasional and inevitable frustrations at Legon and elsewhere. You are the Man, the ultimate and inimitable African/Khemetic scholar!
To the Scholar of many colors and hats, respect!
Augustine H. ASAAH
Professor, Department of French
School of Languages
College of Humanities
University of Ghana
Legon, Accra
Professor Augustine H Asaah
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