Kambon, Ọ.
A Smart Ghana Repatriation Guide. Washington, DC: Adinkra Group.
Publication year: 2021

Kambon, O. (2021). Of Repatriation, Rivers and Rivulets. In A Smart Ghana Repatriation Guide. Adinkra Group. https://books.google.com.gh/books?id=laXbzQEACAAJ

This chapter addresses the need for those who intend to repatriate to focus on what we have in common as Kmtyw ‘Black people’ rather than that which separates us. This point is forcefully driven home using the river/rivulet analogy. Further, using primary texts from classical Kmt, the author demonstrates the classical tradition of referring to ourselves as Black people on a collective and individual level, culminating in a discussion on how this practice is relevant for modern-day Kmtyw ‘Black people.’

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