• Ọbádélé Kambon, PhD

    Ọbádélé Kambon, PhD

    yɛ obibini a ahonu biara nka ho

    is an unapologetic Afrikan

  • "In the last two years, three of my doctoral students have completed their studies"

    and, among them, Dr. Kambon towers above all in terms of his dedication, enthusiasm, intellectual capabilities, and his rate of work. - Professor E. Kweku Osam

  • "This study is a trailblazer or a path-finder!"

    Syntacticians and semanticists will cite this work and continue with the discussion and issues it raises for the next couple of decades. - Professor Samuel Gyasi Obeng

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Agya | Okunu | Okunini | Ababio Ɔkyerɛkyerɛfoɔ | Ɔsakofoɔ

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Father | Husband | Scholar | Repatriate | Educator | Capoeira

As an Afrikan who is serious about Afrikan Liberation, bádélé Kambon walks the talk in all facets of life


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