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Theory and description in African Linguistics

Serial Verb Nominalization in Akan: The Question of Intervening Elements

Book ChapterConference Proceedings
Kambon, Ọ., Duah, R., & Appah, C.
(2018). Serial verb nominalization in Akan: The question of intervening elements. In E. Clem, P. Jenks & H. Sande (eds.), Theory and description in African Linguistics: Selected papers from ACAL 47 (361–386). Berlin: Language Science Press.
Publication year: 2018

Recalling a Common Struggle for Pan-Africanism: Nkrumah’s and Nasser’s Policies on the Congo Crisis (1960-1966)

Book ChapterConference Proceedings
Abdellatif, M., & Kambon, Ọ.
Revisiting African Studies in a Globalized World (pp. 63-76). Tema, Ghana: Smartline.
Publication year: 2017