Ọbádélé Bakari Kambon, Lwanga Songsore, Yaw Mankatah Asare
Legon Journal of the Humanities, Volume 30, Issue 2, Pages 33-65
Publication year: 2020

In this paper, we endeavor to restore Mꜣꜥt ‘Maat’ as truth to her rightful place by challenging erroneous and demonstrably incorrect notions as they appear in Ataa Ayi Kwei Armah’s Wat Nt Shemsw: The Way of Companions. By cross-referencing Ataa Armah’s vague allusions to “ancient Egyptian” mythology with actual textual documentation from Kmt ‘Black Nation/Land of Blacks’ (so-called “ancient Egypt”), we will interrogate the assertions made about the myths of the kmt(yw) ‘Black people’. We fi nd that where Ataa Armah’s statements are at odds with the texts of Kmt ‘Black Nation/Land of Blacks,’ it is necessary to bring this information to light so that the reader can learn the actual content of these myths for themselves. In conclusion, we find that to truly understand Kmt ‘Black Nation/Land of Blacks,’ Afrikan champions interested in restoring the truth of Mꜣꜥt ‘Maat’ must let the Ancestors speak without Eurasian interpreters or interpretations.

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