Kambon, O., & Yɛboah, R. M.
Turning the Tide: Journal of Inter-communal Solidarity, Volume 33, Issue 1
Publication year: 2021

Abstract: In this paper, we reject the argument put forward by some stakeholders that the United States is not actually establishing a military base by utilizing the U.S. Department of Defense’s own definition of “base”. Then, we demonstrate point for point how the agreement fits every aspect of the definition of a base via textual analysis. We then present research on how the US routinely violates treaties, pacts and agreements focusing on two case studies: the 1993 Chemical Weapons Convention and the 1963 Vienna Convention on Consular Relations (Koplow, 2013). We demonstrate that the u.s. does not keep its word and that this tradition continues with Donald Trump, though it certainly did not start with him. We conclude with the significance of US treaty violations as a whole and the significance in the broader context of bargaining with a demonstrably unilateral rogue nation like the United States  for Ghana, her people and her future using Brown and Wilson’s song “The Snake” as the basis for our conceptual framework introduced here.

The full article is available from https://antiracist.org/the-united-snakes-in-africa/

The abridged version printed as a physical copy and sent to those enslaved in united snakkkes prisons is also provided here as a direct PDF download.

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