Ọbádélé Bakari Kambon
Ghana Journal of Linguistics, 9(1), 72-96.
Publication year: 2020

The Origin of the Word Amen: Ancient Knowledge the Bible has Never Told is a book that promises to pique the interest of any reader interested in classical  Kmt ‘Black Nation/Land of the Blacks’,  mdw nTr ‘Hieroglyphs,’ the Akan language, and historical-linguistic connections between the three. Specifically, the book promises to deliver information about how the word  imn ‘Amen,’ as attested in classical  Kmt ‘Black Nation/Land of the Blacks,’ persists in the contemporary Akan language. While under a steady hand this should be a simple enough thesis to substantiate, unfortunately, the authors’ obvious lack of grounding in historical linguistics, their lack of knowledge of  mdw nTr ‘Hieroglyphs’ as well as their lack of understanding the morphology (word structure) of the Akan language all mar the analyses presented in the book.

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