Ọbádélé Kambon, Lwanga Songsore
Legon Journal of the Humanities, Volume 33, Issue 1
Publication year: 2022

Kambon, Ọ., & Songsore, L. (2022). Combating cultural imperialism & cultural misorientation to preserve Afrikan intangible cultural heritage. Legon Journal of the Humanities, 33(1), 114-137. https://dx.doi.org/10.4314/ljh.v33i1.5



This study aims to address combating cultural imperialism and cultural misorientation to preserve Afrikan=Black intangible cultural heritage noting that the priority must be on indigenous Afrikan=Black people to push our own agenda. The study takes the 2019 UNESCO-ICM Open School as a case study in terms of substantive efforts (or lack thereof) to combat cultural imperialism and cultural misorientation. The study addresses matters of terminology, the implications of using the equal sign between Afrikan and non-Afrikan concepts, cultural misorientation and disorientation, false narratives and alien-self/anti-self-disorders, soft power, what must be done in terms of combating these ills. The study concludes with a section addressing the way forward for the Afrikan=Black Warrior Tradition and Afrikan Combat Scientists in light of the preservation of our intangible cultural heritage.


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