Ọbádélé Bakari Kambon
Africology: Journal of Pan-African Studies, Volume 12, Number 4, October 2018
Publication year: 2018

ABSTRACT: This paper presents a Pan-Afrikan tri-continental analysis of Afrikan/Black combat sciences, and in this, it challenges the erroneous notion that the dance-like movements of Afrikan combat sciences originated in attempts to trick enslavers. Therefore, this work demonstrates that Afrikan combat sciences, regardless of location, grow out of a shared worldview informed by practical considerations that are effective and time-tested. Further, the contemporary expressions of Engolo/Capoeira, Knocking-and-Kicking, and Asafo Flag Dancing are examined by means of a comparison between natural vs. unnatural responses to oppression.

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Call for Support!

June 16th the Kambon family had a major family emergency.  Dr. Kambon’s wife Kala and children were involved in a serious car accident and admitted to the hospital.   All are doing well and recovering.

The family’s only mode of transportation was totaled in the accident.

We are asking for the support of Abibitumi family to assist the Kambon family during this trying time.