Kambon, Ọ
Encyclopedia of African Cultural Heritage in North America (pp. 105-109). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, Inc.
Publication year: 2015


The acquisition of African languages may refer to past or contemporary learning of African languages either unconsciously through native speaker acquisition (L1) or with conscious intentionality as a second language (L2). The acquisition of African languages is relevant to African cultural heritage in North America by virtue of the fact that language is the primary vehicle by which culture is transmitted intergenerationally. Therefore, the acquisition of African languages serves as a powerful exemplar of African cultural continuity in the North American context. This entry discusses the
acquisition of African languages from the past to more recent times to gain a broader understanding of the interrelated processes and manifestations of African cultural retention and continuity.

2 Responses to “Acquisition of African Languages”

  1. Yolande Grant

    Languages are very important, i started learning the Yoruba concepts with Oderonke on her channel, but it was important for me to practice french and spanish to get a handle on how those savages think. African languages should be adopted by diasporans as a matter of urgency to pass on to future generations.

    • obadelekambon

      Ẹ ṣé! What were your thoughts on the information shared in the article specifically?

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