“You Can Sit Down Next to white Folks – on the Toilet” – Integration, Apartheid, and Untouchability
Ọbádélé Kambon
Nana Yaw Mireku Yɛboah
28 June 2017

According to the AU’s Agenda 2063, an integrated Afrika is one of the goals. However, Afrikan intellectuals and educationists must question who is integrating with whom and in what tradition of Pan-Afrikanism? The Authentic (Black) one or counterfeit/hijacked anti-Black one? We will engage the problematic tradition in which integration is to occur between anyone who happens to be on the Afrikan continent without regard for whether or not such integrationism is in the ultimate interests of the Afrikan=Black indigenes by gleaning lessons from 3 instances wherein integration has been proffered as a solution for anti-Black genocide. Conceptualization of ‘Global Africa’ – Global Afrika should be thought of as Afrikans=Blacks on the Continent, those in the western hemisphere and those in the eastern hemisphere. This comparative socio-political analysis brings all three groups to the fore to show commonalities between their struggles against genocide as a potential basis for common solutions.

Video (Viewable) and Secured PDF (downloadable) Combo

Video Duration: 1:22:26
Secured PDF of Lecture Slides: 46 Slides

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