In this presentation, Ɔbenfo Ọbádélé Kambon goes into his own Sankɔfa Process of why he ultimately repatriated and the role of study abroad in that process. In undergrad, while on full academic scholarship at Morehouse College, Ɔbenfo decided to use his third year for study abroad. In this time, he studied the Akan language to an advanced level, writing papers including a 41-pager entirely in Twi on the role of proverbs in various social contexts. Watch this spellbinding personal account as Ɔbenfo reveals adventures and misadventures from the first semester, intersemester break and second semester such as going to a Dogon Festival in Mali, visiting waterfalls in Burkina Faso, and so much more. Most importantly, learn how broadening your horizons early can change your life trajectory away from white destruction and towards the land of Black people: Kmt.

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