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  1. Dr. Nanak Chand

    Hi, Obadele Bakari Kambon Sir, i have read your article related Gandhi and Ambedkar. I am impressed your thoughts and writing skills on two social reformer. I had completed Doctoral Degree (Ph.D). My research topic was Role of Social Movements in the assertion of Dalit Consciousness in India. I have mean to say that I want to work with Post Doctorate topic on ” Dr. Ambedkar, Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela’s ideology and works in historical perspective”. if i got the chance to do research work with to you, i will be highly thankful to you.
    Dr. Nanak Chand
    Ph.D (Modern History)
    Department of History
    Gautam Buddha University
    Research Interest: Social Movements, Dalit Issues, Ambedkar Ideology and Nelson Mandela

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