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  1. Gina Corneille

    Greetings Professor, From the Diaspora:

    I too was born in Brooklyn of Haitian parents and am still striving to return to my rightful place. I hold a M.Ed. in Secondary Education and have done extensive teaching and outreach in the black communities in which I served. I am now the Head of Department for Learning Support in an International School in Bangladesh but wish to start my organization, Speak2earth, in Africa. Speak2earth is a community youth development project centered around sustainable practices, caring for our planet and one another.

    I would like the opportunity to work under you and/or study language with you in order to further my connection with my continental family.

    I am prepared to visit Ghana within the next 6 months to a year and would like to know whether you know anyone who offers repatriation support, what is the best accommodation and how to expedite my transition.

    I appreciate your time and any advice or direction you can offer.


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